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Coleraine Young Farmers Club
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Club Background
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What is a Young Farmers Club?

It is a body which includes not fewer than 10 young people between the ages of 12 and 25 years and which has been formed with the authority of The Young Farmers Clubs of Ulster, and registered and approved by the Executive Committee. A Y.F.C. is strictly non-political, non-sectarian and is open to anyone, no matter of his or her ethnic background, religion or profession. The only qualification for membership is an interest in rural life.

There are oppurtunities open to all - Regardless of personal circumstances, urban or rural background, the YFCU offers young people pathways to friendship, achievement and a chance to take control. It is an association of local clubs run by young people for young people, that welcomes members from all communities in the town, city or countryside.

Expectation and promise - The promise of the YFCU is to facilitate young people in fulfilling expectations of excitement, fun and challenge in a safe and socially rewarding environment, which will also provide opportunities to learn, build new skills and capitalise on the sense of identity and self-worth that membership offers.

The guarantee- The Young Farmers' Clubs of Ulster is a people orientated organisation with the objective of encouraging individual development, creativity initiative and contribution for the benefit of the member, the organisation, industry and the community.


YFCU Pledge

I promise to do my duty, to be punctual and regular in attendance, to support all activities to the best of my ability. Help and encourage others so that as members of the Young Farmers club we may become

History of Our Club

Since Coleraine Young Farmers club was formed, we have ahchieved many sucesses in club, county and even international competitions.

Our Club Officers

This year our office bearers are,
President - Elaine Adams
Vice President- Adel Smith
Club Leader- Gary Watson
Assistant Club Leader- Jonathan Bradley
Club Secretary- David Caskey
Assistant Club Secretary- Sarah Caskey
Club Treasurer- Nigel Connor
Assistant Club Treasurer- William Glen
Public Relations Officer- Jemma Millar