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Monday 17th November, 2003
'Fighting Fit'
Boxercise Class
Monday 1st December, 2003
'Winter Wonderland'
Ice Skating
Monday 5th January, 2004
'Life Down Under'
David's Exchange Talk
Monday 19th January, 2004
'Behind Bars'
Visit by Prison Service
Monday 2nd Febuary, 2004
'Scissor Happy'
Talk by a Hairdresser
Monday 16th Febuary, 2004
'All Change'
Annual General Meeting
Monday 1st March, 2004
'Meals on Wheels'
Travelling Supper
Monday 24th May, 2004
'Fantasy Football'
Sportsnight Meeting

The Month in Review

On the 8th of September the club started into this years programme being entertained by our club leader, Gary Watson and everyone is looking forward to the year to come.  From the 12th-14th of this month 25 club members spent the weekend in Bushmills Education Centre and participated in lots of games and events including archery and canoeing.  Our club also were very succesful in the beef judging competition at the start of the month, with 9 members being placed within the top 6 of their age group.